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Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson Creative Director

Like a baby bird taking flight Ben has grown Elegant Seagulls from a one-man operation to one of the largest agencies in MI. As creative director he oversees all things design. When not cracking hilarious jokes Ben enjoys surfing, snowboarding, CrossFit, and spending time with his family and two dogs.

Seagulls 101 Ben can quote over 90% of the movie Zoolander.
Seagulls 101 During a meeting Ben asked the Governor of MI to change the state bird to the seagull.
John Spigarelli

John Spigarelli Director of Marketing

For over a third of his life, John immersed himself in the world of e-commerce. As vice president of marketing he successfully developed & led a multimillion-dollar outdoor industry retailer. John brings well-rounded experience and multi-industry knowledge to the Elegant Seagulls team along with Fantasy Football expertise.

Seagulls 101 John takes a minor amount of credit for spreading the Ugg Boot and yoga pant craze.
Seagulls 101 John has an uncanny ability to remember number sequences after seeing them once.
Gene Ross

Gene Ross Technical Director / Designer

Forged in the fires of Alpha, Michigan Gene looked to hone his skills at Northern Michigan University, earning a BS in Network Computing and a minor in Art & Design – a true double threat. When not writing a code or pushing pixels, Gene enjoys an active lifestyle riding bikes, CrossFit, snowboarding, and getting juiced like Rambo.

Seagulls 101 Gene can bench press 55lbs more than Ben Johnson.
Seagulls 101 Gene has dislocated his shoulder 26 times snowboarding and surfing.
Tom O'Connel

Tom O'Connell Designer

On a long and lonesome highway, east of Omaha, somewhere between the introduction of the floppy disk and Operation Desert Storm, Tom realized he had a passion for all things design. Tom worked for numerous agencies before finding a warm corner at Elegant Seagulls to hone skills, drink coffee and plot the ruling of the world with his fellow seagulls.

Seagulls 101 Tom’s favorite snack is... used to be...
Seagulls 101 Tom is the oldest and wisest employee at Elegant Seagulls.
Christopher LaRose
Chris LaRose
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Jim DeBrock
Jim DeBrock
Jim DeBrock
Joe Cornelia
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