Concept work with the Seagulls Creative Team

Two week creative sprints

  1. (Step 1) After reviewing your brief we create 5-10 design vignettes exploring multiple directions and styles.
  2. (Step 2) You get one round of revisions; our team will either refine based on your comments or explore new directions.
  3. (Step 3) We'll hand over the Figma files for your team to leverage or solidify a full project scope.

The sauce is your friend It's good for you

The goal of The Sauce is not to create final designs but to inspire the possibilities within a brand. Many companies feel trapped and need a fresh spark of creativity.

Our senior creative team explores the unexpected. Some you might hate, some you hopefully love but each round of sauce is 100% unique to you.


Feel like you are getting lost in the crowd?


Don't keep up with the Joneses; be the Joneses.

Dip your
toes into the sauce
Too much

The Sauce brings passion and flavor into every design. Unafraid to fail, the sauce is spicy.

What it feels like
to sauce

The Sauce is going to blow your mind

Let The Sauce flow, jump start your project or inspire your design team. Don't get caught without the sauce.