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Audible Gifting Quiz

Particle astronaut floating in space
Audible logo
  • UX
  • Design
  • Art Direction
  • Development
  • Contentful
  • Motion
  • 3D


Audible’s creative team tasked us with building a Gifting Quiz to connect shoppers with a curated, personalized gift for the Audible listener in their life. We delivered a custom, immersive experience with 3D particle animations to please the Star Wars fan, the gossip girl, and the avid audiophile.

  • Personalized, Conversion-Focused Design
  • Immersive 3D Animation
  • Repurposable Quiz with Contentful CMS
Audible gifting quiz UI

Leveraging Contentful’s headless CMS along with React Three Fiber, GSAP and Blender, we ensured that the quiz could be updated and repurposed to deliver moments of delight, regardless of the season. Through it all, we never lost sight of the goal – converting users to give the gift of stories.

More than a gift picker. This quiz says, I get you.

Mobile phone mockups reading, Gifting Season. Let's Go.

We continue to work with many teams at Audible, and are alway grateful for the trust and latitude they give Elegant Seagulls as we explore new approaches to building a rich and inspiring destination for Audible customers.

Desktop mockups of the Audible gifting quiz


Ready to see it for yourself?
Yes, take me there.

Seeing this new quiz experience come to life was a revelation; dare I say, ‘elegant’ and it absolutely helped to elevate our brand and gifting program.

Edwin De La Cruz
Manager, Customer Engagement