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Movable Ink

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Movable Ink had recently gone through a rebrand and needed a digital partner to translate their new standards to the web. They had tried multiple agencies and were timid about diving back into the project. Trust is built in the little moments of everyday life, and we worked tirelessly to regain their trust as their agency.

Gradients, motion, and capturing a sense of “magic'' became cornerstones of our design system. By leveraging React and Contentful as a headless CMS we were able to add dramatic magic moments between pages balanced with subtle moving details.

Movable Ink mobile designs

Trust is built in small moments like the embrace of a soft seagull wing.

Movable Ink about page design


Movable Ink’s project also included a robust resources system with gated and ungated content capturing qualified leads. This along with a robust career’s page helped their growing business quickly expand.

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Having worked with many vendors over the last few decades, the Elegant Seagulls team has stood out head and shoulders above them all.

Lindie Gerber
Creative Director, Movable Ink