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Planet Seagull

The 3D Landscape of Planet Seagull
Planet Seagull
  • 3D & Motion
  • Next.js
  • React
  • Three Fiber
  • Zustand
  • GSAP


Welcome to Planet Seagull. Here, we do things differently. The Elegant Seagulls team assembled between client work to explore a 3D universe. Using Blender’s geometry nodes, we generated an extraterrestrial landscape with a controlled surface scattering of rocks and trees.

  • 3D user interaction
  • Lightweight yet robust scene generation
  • Animated svg HUD

We rendered much of the scene as a skybox, allowing our team to push the visuals without sacrificing performance. Then, we blended this background skybox with real-time 3D elements – like alien gull eggs – to bring them to life with shadows and depth perspective.

Futuristic, Data Sync Dashboard

If you hatch a planet in the solar system, and don’t invite your friends, does it even exist?

Black and white working 3D mesh of Planet Seagull

More Highlights

  • 3D rendered video
  • Laser beams rendered with custom shaders
  • Signature Seagulls sound effects and audio
The Planet Seagulls HUD on a smart phone

In a nod to the world of gaming, we overlaid this 3D canvas with an SVG animated HUD that responds to a user’s interaction with Planet Seagulls. Because no world is complete without a little audio, we topped it all off with sound effects straight from the Seagulls team.


Ready to explore Planet Seagull for yourself?
Yes, take me there.

Absolutely out of this world. 

Buzz Lightyear
(To be honest, we made this one up)