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Waves 4 Water

Waves 4 Water logo
  • Brand Evolution
  • UX
  • Design
  • Development
  • Contentful
  • E-Commerce
  • Motion


We streamlined W4W business operations by building a system custom tailored to their needs and audience. All elements of their brand besides the logo were re-imaged to create a statement making experience.

  • Awwwards Honorable Mention
  • 50% Increase in Page Speed
  • Featured by Adobe for future thinking UX
Waves for Water desktop website designs

W4W wanted something that paid homage to their action sports roots but elevated their brand. The founder Jon Rose is an x pro-surfer and envisioned something edgy but still timeless. We did this by introducing new brand elements like the wave and leveraging bold typography, heavy contrast, and wow moments.

Waves for Water new fundraiser page design

Edgy yet sophisticated, this site drops right in.

With over 70% mobile traffic the ability to quickly communicate natural disasters and allow users to donate on the fly was crucial.

Waves for Water history section with scattered photos on top
Waves for Water donation page designs

The donation platform is complex and allows users to donate to a W4W program or set up their own fundraiser/goals pledged to a top tier program. This is all managed and tracked via a custom dashboard and backend.

Waves for Water programs navigation design


A passion and mission that can be felt

See the live site -

Working with Elegant Seagulls to build our new website was an absolute pleasure. We trusted them completely and the result is a site experience that has leveled up our entire organization.

Jon Rose