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Ebco logo
  • UX
  • Brand Evolution
  • Design
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As a trend forecasting agency steering the initiatives of global brands like Pepsi, Starbucks and Mercedes-Benz, Ebco came to us looking for a website that matched their future-focused approach.

  • A fully-customizable, modular builder
  • Hubspot integration and lead-focused resource center
  • Improved site speed and user experience
Ebco home page hero design

We started from the concept of an innovation expedition, then harnessed fresh, bright gradients and a flexible builder to give Ebco a timeless, yet forward-looking site, on par with the work they do.

Ebco mobile designs

Mapping a path to innovation.

Ebco wireframe designs

As forecasters, Ebco must stay ahead of ongoing shifts in consumer and corporate sentiments. So we gave them tools to stay agile with their brand and messaging.

Ebco mobile website designs


A modular approach to development ensures the website is fully customizable by the Ebco team. Plus, we delivered lightweight brand standards and design starter tools to guide Ebco’s evolution beyond the initial site launch.

See the live site:

Elegant Seagulls listened to our requests and went above and beyond to accommodate. We're thrilled with the final design!

Lindsey Rosenberg
LR Consulting