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HM Bradley

Hm Bradley branding
HM Bradley Logo
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Motion


We had partnered with HMB to design their new website and built an amazing relationship with their creative team. After the website project wrapped up we continued on to develop a series of social ads running across all their media platforms.

HM Bradley concepts

HMB was really drawn to some of our early web explorations and we used these as a springboard social. Leveraging a new 3D wave element along with unique and dynamic typography the ads popped off the screen.

Simple motion draws users in letting the message hit home in a sea of scrolling.

HM Bradley mobile designs


These ads and HMB’s unique value prop exploded the company's growth. They moved to a referral only model as they continued to scale.

The Elegant Seagulls team was a joy to work with, it felt like they were really able to get in our heads to figure out just what we were looking for.

John Zelek
Creative Director, HM Bradley