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Elephant surrounded by geometric shapes
Pachyderm logo
  • UX
  • Design
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Development
  • Motion


Pachyderm approached us for a complete rebrand and reimagined website. They wanted to bring a playful yet enterprise feel to their complex Saas data science platform.

Pachyderm page designs

The use of isometric visuals, iconography, and custom illustrations helped convey complex ideas quickly and effectively to a diverse audience. Pachyderm needed to communicate with advanced engineers/developers and less technical stakeholders simultaneously.

Everything has to evolve or it perishes.

As Pachyderms' offerings expanded and the company grew, the site needed to evolve. The focus switched from brand building to knowledge transfer. We reworked multiple aspects and pages of the site to bring more density and focus.

Pachyderm mobile designs
Pachyderm product page design
Illustration of elephant emerging from a box with confetti
Assorted pachyderm page designs


We continue to work with the Pachyderm team as they take over as the leader Data Versioning and Pipelines for MLOps.

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